Why Won’t My Scotch Laminator Turn On?

Scotch Laminators are one of the most common laminator brands in the industry. In fact, they are known to manufacture over 40 percent of the laminating machines in use around the world. There are so many reasons why people love Scotch Laminators.

One of these reasons is that Scotch Laminators are so easy to operate. You do not need to know so much about laminating before you can begin to use Scotch Laminators; to show you how easy it is. All you have to do is read the user’s manual that comes with your machine, and you are good to go.

Also, Scotch Laminators are pretty economical. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase these fantastic products; they are affordable. The better part is that you can find the perfect Scotch laminator for your household or business in no time.

In addition, you will get to enjoy laminating with Scotch Laminators. The results of these machines are top-notch. Hence, the reasons it is very famous among users around the world.

However, just like many other brands, you might encounter a few challenges using Scotch Laminators. Most of these challenges are easy to get through, even without the help of a second party. For example, I recently received questions from people about why their Scotch Laminators will not turn on.

Honestly, your Scotch Laminators will not turn on due to a number of factors. If all of these are fixed, and you are still having a problem with turning on your laminator, then you might need the help of a professional. Let’s see some of the reasons why your Scotch Laminator will not turn on.

Possible Reasons Your Scotch Laminator Won’t Turn On

When your Scotch Laminator does not turn on, the first thing you should look out for is the power supply. Most times, the power supply could be faulty without you knowing it. First of all, ensure the power is turned on before doing any other thing.

If, after turning it on, the laminator still does not come on, the plug might be faulty already. You can check the plug for faults and test the adapter with other appliances to see if it works fine. If, after doing all of these, your Scotch Laminator remains the same, you can then advance to the following procedure.

Your Scotch Laminator might not turn on if the safety switch is not correctly engaged. For a laminator to turn on, its rollers must swing into action. When the safety switch is not activated, the laminator will not roll; hence your machine will not come on.

My Scotch Laminator is On; why isn’t it heating up?

Well, in most cases, your laminator machine could be on, but it wouldn’t just heat up. In fact, this is the most common case that people face when they tell me that their laminators are not turning on. There are also several reasons why this might happen.

First of all, when you turn on a laminator machine, it will take a while for it to warm up and get ready to start laminating. Depending on the model of the laminator, there are different amounts of time that it will take for it to warm up.

Some laminators take just a little while to heat up, while some will take a more extended period. For example, the Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator TL 1306 takes only one minute to heat up, while the Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901 will take up to seven minutes.

Whenever you purchase a Scotch Laminator, you should check for the time it takes to warm up so you can know if there is a problem or if there isn’t. If your laminator has exceeded the warm-up and preheat stage and is still not heated, you can check out other reasons.

Your Laminator will not heat up if the heating element is blown. Sometimes referred to as the fuse, the heating element is located in the front of the machine and oversees the heating of the laminator. You should check the heating element if it is damaged so it can be changed immediately.

A Laminator fuse does not get damaged without a good reason. It is often because of an electrical fault, especially when the current is inconsistent. You might have to call a professional to check the fuse for possible replacement. Make sure you do this on time, so it does not affect other parts of your machine.

You should also do well to check your laminator rollers as they could be a cause for your laminator not heating up. Due to frequent use, Laminator rollers will get clogged up in adhesive; therefore, they should be cleaned regularly.

When these rollers get covered in adhesive, it restricts their ability to move; hence your laminator won’t heat up. You need to bring out the rollers and clean them to fix this problem. To clean the rollers, use a dry paper towel to wipe them down.

I advise you to clean the rollers from time to time instead of waiting for them to get clogged up before cleaning them. The more you use them without cleaning, the harder it becomes to clean up.

It would help if you also slid the laminator rollers back and forth so as to distribute the adhesive around it evenly. Leaving it on one part of the rollers will bring about clogging up that area. Usually, after doing this, your laminator should begin to heat up.

In addition, you should clean the machine of any dust or debris; this is a no-brainer. It would be best if you made it a habit to clean your laminators. You can choose to do it every day or as soon as you finish using it. Just make sure it does not take too long before cleaning.

Laminators get infested with dust over time, and when they do, it gets challenging to seal paper to the laminating sheets. Due to this, the laminator will not heat up and will not display the READY icon. You should make sure you clean every part of your machine, including the external components.

To clean your laminating machine, you can make use of brushes or vacuum cleaners. They are very effective when it comes to the removal of dust and debris from surfaces.


Once you do all of these, your laminator should start working fine. However, if it still doesn’t heat up, you can contact Scotch via the helpline on your product. You can also call on a licensed professional to check what the problem is.

Also, remember that most laminators come with auto shut-off features, including Scotch Laminators. When the laminator is not used for a while, it will turn itself off to prevent overheating. Many Scotch Laminators come with this feature.

Sometimes, you might think your laminator is not heating up, but it could have already turned itself off with the auto shut-off feature. For most Scotch Laminators, it takes an average of thirty minutes to activate the auto shut-off feature.

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