Why is There a Cold Switch on a Laminator

Everyone wants their laminating device to do a good laminate as anything other than goodwill not only gives you a seal that isn’t perfect but might also ruin the looks of your documents or objects.

When you laminate your documents, extra care is taken to ensure the documents come out perfectly and also ensure the device is kept in a good working condition.

There are different ways to laminate different documents. Some documents require a high level of heat while using heat to laminate some documents or images could ruin the documents. Documents such as old pictures, handwritten family recipes or ultrasound images could be ruined if heat is exposed to them. This is why most laminators come with a special feature called the cold switch.

Most laminators come with different features such as automatic off, beeping sounds and a cold switch.

What is a cold switch? Why is it on my laminator? What is the usefulness of the cold switch? You might ask. The answers to all your questions will be answered below. 

Follow me as I answer every possible question relating to the laminator’s cold switch you might have

What is a cold switch on a laminator?

As stated earlier,  you might notice that your thermal laminator has a cold switch and might be wondering what the cold switch or the snowflake button means. A cold switch on a laminator is simply the button on the laminator which enables it to switch from using heat and adhesives as the major form of lamination to using more pressure and adhesive. The cold switch Is what allows your laminating device to switch to the cold form of laminating documents when it is activated. Most thermal laminators in the market today come with a cold switch.

Now that you know what a cold switch on your laminator button means, you might be wondering why such a button or feature is there in the first place since laminators mainly make use of heat.

Below is a perfect answer to the questions you have in your mind

Why is there a cold switch on a laminator

This is one question a lot of people have when they notice the snowflake or cold switch button on their thermal laminator. Will I ever need this feature? why Is it there? People tend to have all these questions in their minds and a lot more when they notice or see the cold switch button.

First and foremost, it is necessary for me to bring to light the fact that the cold switch is a very important feature even on your thermal laminators. This might not be the case now but who knows what the future brings, you might find yourself in a scenario where you need to laminate documents which are important to you such as old-time images or handwritten sheets and such documents might be heat sensitive, that is, they can be ruined if they are exposed to excessive heat. 

This is where the importance of your cold switch button comes in.  There are people who believe you don’t need a machine when using a cold pouch. They believe you can seal a document with a ruler, a credit card or any other object. However, the object might not be as neat or thick as you want. This is why there’s a cold switch in a thermal laminator. 

The cold switch will help you distribute the pressure on your object evenly in your laminating machine. This is one of the reasons why the cold switch comes in handy.

Another reason why there is a cold switch on your laminator is to do a cold lamination which can help press out any bubbles or wrinkles on your laminate. Many people complain about their laminate or objects having wrinkles when they run it through their laminators. If they attempt to increase the heat as a possible solution,  it could do more harm than good by ruining the important or sensitive documents. This is where the cold switch has its usefulness. It will help eliminate the chances of your laminate being ruined by perfectly applying enough pressure to do a good seal and straighten out any wrinkle without applying heat in the process 

You might be wondering; “how exactly does the cold switch work when I want to laminate my  documents in a thermal laminator?” 

Below is the answer to your question

How does the cold switch work

The cold switch in a thermal laminator works in a way that is comparatively different from the process of heat lamination. If you want to laminate your documents using the cold lamination setting, you will first insert the documents such as photos or paper into a pouch. Make sure the pouch covers the entire document. You can then insert the pouch into the thermal laminator using the cold setting in the laminator. The laminator would apply pressure on the pouch without using heat. This is why adhesive is one of the contents used in the thermal laminating device. The cold switch in a thermal laminator works using pressure and adhesive. 

There are a lot of questions people have about their laminators. Questions like what is the difference between cold laminators and heat laminators? Why does my laminator give a beeping sound?  Here are some frequently asked questions you might have about your laminator

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between cold laminators and heat laminators

Cold laminators and heat laminators basically perform the same functions, they just do it in different ways. Heat laminators use heat and pressure when doing a laminate while cold laminators on the other hand don’t use heat when doing a laminate. Cold laminators uses pressure and adhesive to bond the pouch when sealing the objects you want to laminate

When should I use a cold laminator and when should I use a heat laminator

This is one question most people have when it comes to choosing between a cold laminator and a heat laminator. If you want to laminate objects or documents that aren’t sensitive to heat, using the heat laminator is your best bet. However, if you want to laminate documents which are sensitive to heat or can be ruined when exposed to heat, using the cold laminator is your best option.

Why does your laminator beep

Some laminators beep when you switch them on. This is a normal feature to notify the user that the machine is already in power. Some other laminators beep when it is done doing a laminate while others beep when it is being turned off. They are normal features in some laminators you can find in the market today. However, a constant beeping sound with your laminator not being heated up while in power can mean there’s something wrong with your device.

There are a lot of questions and concerns people have about their laminators and the entire process of lamination. One of such questions is the cold switch on your thermal laminating machine. The cold switch on your thermal laminator is a feature which can help you laminate documents which are sensitive to heat. The cold switch will give you a perfect laminate for documents which are sensitive to heat.

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