Why is My Laminator Beeping

Everyone likes a perfectly working laminator as it doesn’t just do a good job, it makes the process of laminating your documents or images a whole lot easier. 

Laminators come in different sizes, costs, features and capabilities. It all depends on what you want and the amount of money you are willing to sacrifice when you plan to get one.

Now, when you acquire the one you can afford, you get them with the hope or expectation that it will work perfectly without giving you any problems. Also, if there is one you have been using, you’ll definitely hope you can continue using it without it developing a fault. 

Nobody likes it when their laminators give problems and laminators, just like other electrical devices, are prone to give problems from time to time.

There are different problems your laminator could develop such as jamming, curling, objects being wrinkled, your laminator switching off automatically, your laminator not heating up or even smoking. All these are common faults your laminator could develop. However, one problem you might also encounter is the constant beeping sound coming from your laminating device when you use it. This can be a sign that something may be wrong with your device.

“What’s wrong with my device? Why is my laminator beeping? What should I do ? How can I solve this problem?” You might ask.

These answers are single. Follow me as I briefly explain why your laminator keeps beeping and possible solutions to solve the problem.

Why is your laminator beeping

It is important for me to point out that you shouldn’t always assume there’s a problem Every Time your laminator beeps. It isn’t Every Time your laminator beeps that you should jump to the conclusion that things are not right with your laminating device. There are some new model laminators in the market today that beeps whenever they are in use. This is one of their new features to notify the owner or the person that the device is currently in power.  The beeping sound you hear when it is working doesn’t mean your device isn’t in a good working condition, it is! It’s just a new feature in some of the laminators in the market today.

While to some brands of laminators, the beeping sound is normal, it doesn’t necessarily apply to every laminator. If you notice a beeping sound, firstly confirm if it’s among the features of your device. If you notice that it isn’t, the following can be possible problems why your machine keeps beeping.

Emergency stop

This is one of the possible and common reasons why your laminator can be beeping. Most people, when they operate their device, forget that the emergency stop for the device is pushed in. Hence, when they switch on their machine, it shows it is in power but it doesn’t heat up. You will also hear the beeping sound. The emergency stop being pushed in completely stops the ability for the device to work or heat up. The beeping sound could be a result of the emergency stop being pushed in or turned on. This happens to a lot of people who have lodged complaints about the sounds of their laminators.


The emergency stop is one of the common mistakes people make when using their machines. Solving the problem of the beeping sound when it relates to the emergency stop is very easy. All you need to do is to first confirm if the emergency stop is pushed in. 

If it isn’t pushed in, then the beeping sound is likely caused by another problem. However, if you notice that the emergency stop is pushed in, you’ll have to make sure you pull the emergency stops. In some cases, if it’s possible for you to disengage the stops completely, I’ll advise you to disengage it. This is to prevent you from leaving the emergency stop pulled in while you might want to run some lamination at a much later time.

Jam or heating element

If your laminator is continually beeping without stopping, there’s a huge chance there’s a problem. When the beeping happens and you have checked the emergency stop to ensure it’s not turned on. If it isn’t, then the problem is most likely the jam being locked or the heating element. Some laminators beep when the jam is locked or when the heating element is faulty. If you notice that your laminator is beeping while it isn’t heating up, it is most likely to be your laminator’s heating element. The laminator being jammed can also be a reason why your laminator keeps beeping without your device heating up.


Solving this problem is relatively easy depending on the type of laminating device you use. If you use laminating devices such as pouch laminators, film laminators etc, you’ll have to open up your laminating components to check if the pouch isn’t jammed. If it is jammed or if the heating element is faulty or burned, you’ll definitely have to adjust the pouch if you can. If you can’t adjust it, getting a new pouch will be another solution. If it isn’t the pouch but other components of your heating device, you can possibly replace or repair them. When this is done, your laminating device should begin to work perfectly without the beeping sound. 

Safety features

This can also be one of the reasons why your laminating device could be beeping. If you notice that your laminating device is beeping constantly, it could be a result of the safety features. Some laminators especially the new model come with a lot of safety features which include beeping when it’s turned on, beeping when it’s in use or when something Is wrong with your laminator. If it beeps once when you turn it on, it’s just a normal safety precaution to notify you that it’s currently in power. Usually, it also beeps once you turn it off. This is one of the features of some laminating devices. There are also some laminating devices that beep as a safety precaution if the pouch or its internal components isn’t properly set up. This is to notify the owner that there’s a possible problem in the engineering of the device and the need to fix the problem 


If you’re using the new model of laminators that beeps when there’s a problem, all you need to do is call an expert and try to fix the problem. The beeping should stop immediately after this is done and your laminator should begin working noiselessly and perfectly.

Laminating your documents or image without your device giving any fault is what you wish, just like everyone else.

If your laminator occasionally beeps, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with your device as it can be one of the in-built features by the manufacturers. Most advanced laminators come with this feature so it’s nothing to worry about.  If it beeps without it heating up, then it’s safe to say there’s a problem. All you need to do is follow the possible solutions listed above and your device would begin to work as perfect and as beautiful as you desire.

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