Why Does My Laminator Smell

It’s simple and fun to laminate your documents and objects as laminating them is one way to not only ensure they have a new look, it also ensures they are preserved for a much longer period of time without being ruined. Laminating can be quite exciting and fun as long as there are no problems in the process of doing a laminate. However, just like any other electrical device, there’s always a probability of a fault or problem coming up with your device. One of such problems could be your laminator smelling.

You might decide to use your device to laminate a document or object on a random day and notice some strange smell emanating from your laminator while it’s in use.

” Why is this happening? What do I do to fix this problem? How do I go about solving it?”  You might ask

Below are possible reasons why your laminator is smelling and quick fixes on how you can solve this problem.

Why is your laminator smelling

Firstly, it is important for me to point out that in some cases, it is normal for your laminator to smell. If you just got a new laminator,  don’t let the slight smell coming from it kill your excitement or make you think there’s something wrong with the new device. It is perfectly normal for a laminator to have a slight smell especially when using it for the first time.  This is because the new elements are being used or heated up for the first time. Subsequently, when you use your laminator, the slight smell you experienced the first time should fade away.

However, if the smell persists or even increases, then it’s safe to think there might be a problem somewhere.

Some of the problems are :

Temperature regulation of the laminator

This is one common reason that could make your laminator smell. When you set your temperature too high, there is a probability that excessive heat could be generated which can cause your laminator to smell. Most people tend to set the temperature of their device above the standard or required level needed to laminate the document or object. When this is done, it causes the object to be heated up more than usual which can hereby cause a burning or strange smell to emanate from the object or laminator. When the temperature is too high, it can cause the polythene to burn which can make your laminator smell.


This is one of the simplest things you can fix in your laminator. If you notice your laminator is constantly smelling when you use it, all you need to do is check if your temperature is set too high. If it is set too high, this can make your laminator smell. Simply reduce the heat or the temperature and this should be enough to stop or reduce the smell of your laminator. Reducing the heat or temperature of your device is one good way for you to stop the smell from your laminator

Type of material

The type of material you laminate could also be a reason why your laminator could be smelling. There are some individuals usually found in schools and some public places who would believe any object or material ( even plastic) can be put through a laminator as long as the same heat is used for all the objects. The same temperature they used for much thicker objects is the same temperature they use for thinner objects. 

There are some people who believe that 350 to 400 degrees are good for all objects when using a laminator. Ideally, no matter the object being laminated, the temperature should never exceed 310 degrees. The type of material you laminate can sometimes be responsible for the smell you perceive from your laminator.


Always make sure you confirm the texture and type of your material before you put it in the laminator. Confirming The texture and type would enable you to know the thickness and the level of heat needed for you to achieve a good laminate. If you are laminating an image or document, the amount of heat needed will be completely different from when you’re trying to laminate a poster.

Confirming the thickness of your object is a good way for you to know the level of heat needed And stop the smell emanating from your device.

Internal fault

This can also be one of the reasons why your laminator smells when you use it. If there’s something wrong with the setup of your laminator, there is a high probability this can cause your device to heat up. Also, if there is bad wiring in your laminator, there’s a high chance it can make your laminator smell. Most laminators are sometimes set up in a bad or faulty way. When this happens, the laminator may begin to smell before it eventually packs up. Bad Wiring or improper set-up is one of the reasons why your laminator could be smelling as it could be a sign that something is wrong.


If you have set the temperature to the normal level with the right material to laminate and you notice that there’s still a strange smell coming from your device or machine, it is likely an internal fault. You’ll have to open up your device to check if the wiring and components are properly done. If they have no idea how the components are set up,  you’ll have to consult an expert to fix the problem for you. Once this is done, your device should be working as good as new and the smell from the laminator should reduce considerably.


The following are the frequently asked questions you might have when it comes to laminators

Is the laminator smell toxic

A lot of people worry about the smell that emanates from their laminators when in use. The slight smell is normal if the pouch is inserted. It is simply the heat from the polythene and it isn’t in any way harmful or has any adverse effect on your health.

Is there anything I should not laminate

While some people think anything can be laminated, it is advisable for you to never try to laminate items such as leaves, flowers or vegetable matter. Some people also try to laminate several small pictures in one pouch, newspaper or thermal paper which could actually ruin your laminator. This will most likely result in your laminator being jammed. Laminators are meant for one purpose which is to laminate your documents. If you do anything other than laminating a sheet of paper or a  card, it will greatly increase the risk of your device being jammed.

Laminators are electronic devices and just like other electric machines, they can develop faults at any time. One of the signs that your laminator is faulty is when it begins to smell like it’s burning while in use. Once this happens, you no longer have any reason to fear as it is something that can be fixed real quick  with the help of the possible solutions listed above. Do them and your device will be back to working as good as new.

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