Why Does Laminator Cause Lights to Flicker

Preserving important or sensitive documents with the help of your laminating device can be a very beautiful feeling, especially when it gives you a perfect seal without ruining the documents.

Everyone wants their device to be in a good and perfect working condition without any internal or external fault in order to ensure their machines give the best possible output when it is put to use. 

If you own a laminating machine, you’ll definitely want your device to be in a good condition to give you the best possible result when doing a laminate. To achieve this, you have to pay attention to every part of your device from the pouch,  rollers, switch buttons and every other component and how they work collectively to do a good job.

It is important for you to know that if one part or component of your laminating machine is giving you issues, the chances of it ruining the work of the other parts are quite high. This will in turn give you an outcome or laminate that is less than perfect when you use it. 

Now I’m pretty sure you neither want less than a perfect laminate when you use your machine nor plan to put your device in a terrible working condition when you use it, This is why you are cautious enough to observe any possible fault your machine might have.

Laminators are electrical machines and as we all know it, electrical machines can develop problems from time to time. You might be using your laminate on a random day and notice that it isn’t giving you a perfect laminate as it usually does before. You might also notice that your device isn’t heating up or functioning as well as it did a while back.  

A laminator could develop faults such as curling, pouch being jammed, object wrinkling when you laminate it, bubbles, etc. All these are possible faults that your laminator can develop. It largely depends on how it is being used, the maintenance and the brand of laminators you have at your disposal.

You might plan to laminate your documents on a random day and notice whenever you turn on your laminator, the light or power begins to flicker.  

Why is this happening?  Why is my laminator making lights flicker? Is anything wrong with my device? Is there anything wrong with the electrical system in my house or office?

Why does my laminator cause like to flicker?

You might have all these questions if you notice the flickering of your light when you turn on your device.

Below are possible answers to most questions you might have about light flickering. 

  • Power of your laminator

The power of your laminating device could be a reason why it makes your light flicker when you turn on your device. Different laminators come in different sizes and those sizes come with different power requirement.  Normally, laminators use power when you try to heat up the pouch during a laminate. 

The amount of power they use largely depends on the size and power requirement or capacity of your laminator. If your laminator is big, it would require more power to do a laminate. Also, if your laminator is small, it wouldn’t require much power when doing a laminate. 

Big laminators however require more power and this can cause your light to flicker when in use. It simply means your machine is drawing power into its device In order for it to run properly. For advanced or industrial laminators, it is usually when the device is in the process of heating up that it draws power and makes it to flicker.

  • Solution

This has a very simple solution. Most people usually forget to pay attention to the amount of power or voltage needed when they want to get their laminators. Hence when they get it and the light begins to flicker, they wonder what could be wrong.

When you want to get your laminator, always confirm the amount of power the laminator is going to consume to be operational. If you have already gotten one and it’s making your light flicker, you might need to either connect it to a bigger power source that can handle the capacity of your laminator or change some of the components of your machine that makes it consume power.

  • A loosed circuit or connection

This is also another reason why your light might flicker when you turn on your laminating device. If there’s a loose circuit in your house or office, it could make your light flicker especially when there’s a power-consuming machine such as a laminator plugged in and being in use. Loose circuit is one of the most common reasons why light or power flickers in most homes and it’s usually responsible for destroying most machines and fire accidents. Also, if your laminator has a loose connection internally, it could also be a possible reason why your light flickers. Every electrical device uses electricity and wiring is one of the most important components. If the set-up of the components is bad or the wiring was done terribly, this will definitely make your light flicker as it could be a sign that there’s something wrong with your device.

  • Solution

If you notice that your light is flickering when you turn on your device, you have to go around to the house or office to confirm if there’s any loose connection anywhere. If you notice any loose connection, it is very important you call an electrical expert to come to fix the problem for you. If you don’t know your way around electrical parts, do not tamper or try to fix it by yourself as you might end up doing more damage to your safety and other electrical appliances at the same time. Calling a good electrical expert is the best way to solve any loose connection you might have at your home or office.

If the loose connection is from your machine, it’s also best you send it to the manufacturers or to an expert for repairs as wiring and its components are some of the most important parts of your device. A bad fix could ruin more components internally for you. Sending it to an expert is the best way to fix your device if it has any problem relating to a loose connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions people have when it comes to laminators. Below are some frequently asked questions you might have.

Can my laminator be repaired?

This is one question that goes through the mind of almost everyone when their device develops a fault. The answer is Yes. Your laminator can be repaired if it develops a fault. It all depends on the kind of problem it has and the amount of money needed to fix it.

Can I fix a big laminator?

There’s nothing that cannot be fixed no matter the size except it’s destroyed completely. Laminators can be fixed no matter the size. All you need is to know your way around it or call an expert to be on a safer size.

If your laminator makes your power flicker, you don’t need to worry anymore. Simply check the power or fix the circuit and the flickering light would stop in no time.

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