What is a Good Laminator for a Teacher?

A laminator is a very important part of a teacher’s toolkit. It is very useful for creating many new resources for your classrooms. 

It helps keep your resources in good enough conditions that they’re a reusable year on year. For example, a laminator can turn a piece of paper from a single-use resource to a resource you can use for a long time 

So with a good laminator, you can do the following for your student and make your teaching easier:

  • Tables of Multiplication

Create and print a multiplication tables chart on your computer. Laminate the chart and store it in your classroom’s arithmetic resources. Allow students who have difficulty with multiplication to utilize the chart during math classes. This can be an excellent scaffold, but keep in mind that it should be used as a support rather than a crutch.

  • Posters

You can convert any printable paper into a strong poster using a laminator. Posters relating to your unit of work can be displayed throughout the classroom. You can also customize them based on the specific topics your pupils have been asking questions or include their names on the posters.

  • Flashcards with Sight Words

When it comes to learning to spell and read, there are two schools of thought: phonics and whole language acquisition. Whole language acquisition is predicated on using and memorizing complete sight words. Phonics teaches kids how to connect letters together to form words using only the underlying sounds.

One option to utilize your laminator is to create sight words from the weekly spelling list and have kids remember them – often 15 or 20 per week. Then, once pupils have learned them, you may pair them up and have one read a word from a flashcard while the other attempts to spell it.

  • Cards with a Dry Erase Surface for Handwriting Practice

Handwriting practice workbooks consume a lot of paper – a pupil can work through a 50-page practice book in a matter of weeks, at which point it’s time to purchase another. However, with a dry erase card, you may reuse it year after year – all with a single sheet of paper! First, print a four-line handwriting template to assist the pupil in practicing “writing within the lines.” Then, each day, kids can use this practice card along with a dry erase whiteboard marker to work on their handwriting or cursive writing.

  • Certificates of Achievement

A paper certificate of success appears to be a flimsy gimmick. However, when laminated, it takes on the feel of something meant to be preserved and cherished. Additionally, it is a million times more likely to survive the trip home in the bag so that the parents see it and understand how much you appreciate their child’s effort.

The Best Laminator for a Teacher 


This excellent small machine is the ideal laminator for teachers since it enables them to laminate teaching materials, name tags, wall décor, and other classroom objects that must endure a long time.

This is a fairly compact machine at 13 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches and weighing 1.5 pounds. It features a two-roller system, operates at 300 mm per minute, and includes 12 complimentary thermal pouches. Four pouches measure 9 x 13.5 inches, four are larger than legal size paper, and four are smaller than a postcard. This is an excellent introductory kit.

The unique heating technique eliminates bubbles and is extremely quiet. It laminates documents ranging in size from business cards to nine-inch A4 pages. Two to four minutes are required for warm-up, and the lamination speed is 300 mm per minute.

It is transportable and utilizes a thermal technique. It’s an excellent way to protect images and documents against dampness, fungus, and fingerprint oil. It takes up to four minutes to warm up before laminating, which takes about 30 minutes. This type leaves no creases or bubbles, is easy to clean, and has a fully laminated surface, allowing you to trim the edges if desired.

What we like

  • Great design
  • Easy to carry
  • Extremely silent while working

What we don’t like

  • Unsuitable for large-scale laminating
  • It’s difficult to see the on-light.


This laminating machine comes with a paper trimmer, a corner rounder, and 12 high-quality laminating pouches. Lamination takes place at a speed of 250 mm per minute, and it takes three to five minutes for the laminator to heat up. To halt or clear paper jams, press the ABS button on the machine. The dimensions of the bag or tote are 13.62 x 5.58 x 2.56 inches, making it easy to put into a backpack or purse.

What we like

  • It features hot and cold laminating settings
  • Lightweight
  • Warm-up quickly

What we don’t like

  • The total time required to use the laminating machine is less than 30 minutes. Therefore, taking a 30-minute break from laminating will extend the machine’s lifespan by 72 hours.
  • Not recommended for large-scale laminating jobs.

Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 125

The Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 125 is a fantastic option for laminating school projects, office papers, and presentations. Thermal pouches up to 5 mil thick can be laminated with this product. To begin with, the device is supplied with ten letter-sized pouches.

Teachers have a lot on their plates, so this project’s 60-second set-up time will come as a welcome relief. With the Saturn3i 125, you may go to work right away after setting it up. In addition, the laminator is protected from overheating by an automatic shutoff feature.

Self-adhesive pouches and thermal laminating pouches are no problem with this laminator. Laminating self-adhesive pouches is simple if you pick the “cold setting” on the machine. It has a 9.5-inch entry width and a jam release mechanism that allows the pouch to be removed or re-centered as needed to handle a wide range of document and project sizes.

Not only does this laminator work well, but it’s also reasonably priced. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it can be put to good use both at home and at school. It’s basic, straightforward, and does the job swiftly. When other devices overheat, they can die. This one will keep itself alive by shutting down.

What we like

  • It is equipped with both hot and cold lamination
  • Quick warm-up time
  • It has a release mechanism that makes it easy to remove the pouch
  • It comes with a starter kit of 10 pouches

What we don’t like

  • Operates loudly
  • The feeding area is small

Scotch TL1302VP A3 Thermal Laminator

TL1302VP is ideal for the instructor who enjoys laminating! Because this laminator has a 13-inch mouth, it should laminate A3 posters!

Its amazing one-minute preheating time sets it apart from most laminators. This is still faster than the TL906, but the speed reduces to 12 inches per second industry standard.

What we like

  • 1 minute for preheating
  • It has a carry handle.
  • Supports A3 and A4 sheets

What we don’t like

  • It is slower than the TL906 at 12 inches per minute

3. 5 in 1 Blusmart Set 

This device is called five in one since it includes a laminator, a paper trimmer, a corner rounder, and ten picture frames. It requires between three and five minutes to warm up, and the two rollers support both hot and cold settings. The ABS button is used to avoid or rectify paper jams. 390 x 142 x 99 mm and weighs 3.68 pounds. Laminating can be done up to a maximum width of 230 mm. It reaches a temperature of 120–130 degrees Fahrenheit. The machine laminates at a rate of 230 mm per minute and are extremely quiet.

What we like

  • It includes twenty pouches in various sizes
  • Includes photo frames, clothespins, and twine for displaying your photographs as they cool

What we don’t like

  • This model’s laminating sheets are more costly
  • Not recommended for laminating a significant quantity of material in a single session

What To Consider When Purchasing A Classroom Laminator

  • Input size

The majority of laminators accept paper up to A4 size. If you require larger laminations, choose a laminator capable of laminating A3-sized paper.

  • Speed of Warming / Preheating

The industry standard is approximately five minutes. Less than that is quite acceptable. The Scotch Thermal Laminator TL1302VP’s (reviewed above) one-minute warm-up time is the fastest I’ve seen.

  • Operating Time

Laminators generate a lot of heat and can only operate for a short period before shutting down to cool off. The industry recommended run time is 30 minutes! But constantly monitor your personal laminator to ensure it does not overheat and cause an unintentional fire.

  • Paper cutters and corner rounders

Teachers are aware that these stationary items are extremely useful when laminating, like ABOX A4 Laminator.

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