Laminators Vs Self Laminating Sheets

Laminators and Self-Laminating Sheets are two different things; I believe you should be aware of that. However, the difference between these two is not that much.

Of course, both are used in laminating items. Let’s get to see how they differ. Laminators, which are sometimes referred to as Laminating Machines, make use of electricity to seal laminating sheets, which are usually enclosed with the paper.

Before you can use a laminator, you must get laminating sheets. This is where you will place the document or whatever you want to laminate before sending it into the laminator.

A self-laminating sheet, on the other hand, is simple to use and does not require a laminator to seal it up. These sheets come with adhesive on their sides, and all you have to do is to place the paper in between and seal it straight up.

Of course, both laminators and Self-Laminating sheets have their unique advantages and disadvantages. In the subsequent subheadings, I will mention a few of these advantages and disadvantages to aid your choice.

Why Should I get a Laminator instead of Self-Laminating Sheets?

Here, I will state some of the reasons why I will choose a laminator instead of the regular Self-Laminating sheets. Using a laminator to laminate your essential documents has a lot of benefits. Let’s find out what they are.

First, using a laminator will produce tremendous and long-lasting laminates. When you put a paper in a laminating sheet inside the laminator, heat is released to help strengthen the sealing and bonding process.

Compared to Self-Laminating sheets that will only bond as a result of the glues on their sides, laminates from laminators will last longer. When a Self-Laminating sheet comes in contact with specific factors for an extended period, the adhesive will begin to weaken till it eventually goes apart.

This is not the case with laminators. Documents that get laminated in laminating machines can last for an eternity if they are correctly maintained.

Another reason why I will choose laminators over Self-Laminating sheets is because the laminates from the former are usually neater than the latter. Glue stains and the like are typically associated with laminating sheets.

If you do not take your time and do it carefully with laminating sheets, your laminated items might not come out well at all. The glue on the sides of the sheets might end up staining your documents and will affect their look.

Of course, no one will love rough works. Laminating sheets might look a little unprofessional, and I would not advise you to use them when using the documents for official purposes.

If you are going to need a professional touch on whatever you wish to laminate, you should go for a laminator instead of laminating sheets.

In addition, laminators are faster to use than Self-Laminating Sheets. This is the principal reason why I will advise anyone to go for laminating machines instead of Self-Laminating sheets.

When you make use of a laminator, you only have to wait for an average of ten minutes for the machine to heat up before you begin to put in the documents for sealing. This is very fast compared to sealing Self-Laminating sheets individually without a laminator.

If you are laminating large quantities of items with Self-Laminating sheets, you might even find this more frustrating. It could take you hours to get the tasks done with Self-Laminating sheets and just a few minutes if you use laminators.

Why Should I get Self-Laminating Sheets instead of A Laminator?

There are more reasons you should go for Self-Laminating sheets instead of Laminators when making these choices. The first is that laminating sheets are very easy to use.

When using Self-Laminating sheets, you don’t need any prior knowledge on how to operate any machine. You can try it out without making any mistakes if you do it carefully. Unlike laminators, which can be somehow hard to handle, Self-Laminating sheets are very easy to use.

If you are the type that would not want to spend too much time pressing buttons on a laminating machine, you should just go for self-laminating sheets, as the only thing you will need to do is to put in your document and seal it up. Nothing extra!

Also, Self-Laminating sheets are cheaper to get compared to laminators. With a few bucks, you could get yourself some sets of Self-Laminating sheets without having to worry about the machines.

Laminators cost hundreds of dollars, and they could be so expensive for you, especially if you are not using them for commercial purposes. You can just get Self-Laminating sheets which, of course, are way cheaper.

In addition, Self-Laminating Sheets do not require maintenance like the regular laminating machines. If you know a lot about laminators, you should be aware that some of their components are changed from time to time, and most of these parts are expensive.

Using Self-Laminating sheets saves you stress and money. You don’t need to spend money on any components; After purchasing Self-Laminating sheets, there is no need for maintenance. All you should work towards is good storage.

It would help if you made it a priority to store these sheets in the right place. If you do not keep them correctly, they might begin to lose their quality and might be very bad for documents you want to laminate.

Another reason why I prefer Self-Laminating Sheets is that they do not consume space like laminators. Depending on the purpose of laminators, they could vary in size. However, the dimensions are still more significant compared to boxes of Laminating sheets.

If you are the type who is very mindful of space, you might not bother about getting a laminator and just go for Self-Laminating sheets instead. Self-Laminating sheets do not consume space at all, so you are not restricted to buying as many as you want.

Furthermore, Self-Laminating Sheets are environmentally safe. Are you aware that laminators release fumes when in use? If you have not heard that somewhere, I am letting you know now that laminators, especially hot laminators, release fumes when they are in use.

Of course, Laminators involve the use of heat the seal the sheets together. These laminating sheets are made of plastic, and when heat comes in contact with plastic, it emits some kinds of fumes that could be very harmful when inhaled in large quantities for an extended time.

Self-Laminating Sheets will prevent you from putting your health and that of others at risk. You don’t need heat to seal up the laminating sheets; The adhesive is enough and will hold the sheets together for long.


I have mentioned and described some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Laminators as well as Self-Laminating Sheets. If I am to choose the better one, trust me, I will go for laminating machines.

Laminators are usually more professional and will make your work easier and faster. You don’t have to spend hours while laminating when you can get it done within a few minutes.

However, if you also prefer Self-Laminating Sheets, kindly suit yourself. There must be a valid reason behind your decision, so you should pick the one that suits you and the purpose it will serve best.

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