How to use Amazon Basics Laminator

Everyone likes to preserve their documents and most people do this through a process called lamination. Lamination is the art or process whereby documents such as photos, I’d cards, posters, report cards, etc are run through a laminator with the aim of the object being sealed with a pouch or sheet.  

People like to laminate a lot of objects. However, it is important for me to point out the fact that it isn’t every object that can be laminated. You cannot laminate objects such as vegetables, wood, leaves, etc. Attempting to laminate things like these will most likely result in ruining your laminator. You should never attempt to laminate objects such as the ones listed above.

There are different types of laminators you can find in the market or on the web today as laminators come in different shapes, sizes, features and capabilities. Some even come in a size so small, you can almost put it inside a handbag and carry it everywhere with you. 

You will notice that there are different types of laminators based on what you need. The most common ones are the pouch laminators, heat roll laminators and cold roll laminators. Each one uses a different type of machine process and film material. That is, the process by which they laminate your documents differs significantly from one another, but under good working conditions, all three should be able to give you a good laminate when used to laminate some types of documents.

At this stage, it’s important you know that there are different manufacturers or brands when it comes to laminators. There are actually a lot of brands you’ll see online when you decide to shop for a laminator. The two brands which are most visible are the scotch laminators and the Amazon basics laminator.  In this article, we’ll be diving right into the Amazon basics laminator, how they work and how they can be useful to you.

You might be shopping on the internet looking for a new laminator and stumble across the nice, stylish and beautiful Amazon basics laminator. When you stumble upon it, questions such as how do you use it? Does it have a different mode of operation from other laminators? What’s the possible cost and warranty? Questions like these Might come to you mind. Below are answers to your questions as I explain how you can use an amazon laminator

How to use an Amazon basics laminator

Using an Amazon basics laminator is pretty easy and straightforward. Below are steps on how to use this laminator

  1.   As with other laminators, the first thing you’ll have to do is turn on  and let it heat up. It will turn red at first. This is a sign that it is heating up. When it is done heating up, the red light will turn green. Other laminators usually use as long as four minutes to five minutes when heating up. This is where the Amazon basics laminator differs,  the Amazon basics thermal laminator is usually ready to go in less than two minutes. That is, it heats up in less than two minutes. That’s half the time other laminators use. When using the Amazon basics thermal laminator, you’ll notice that it gets ready and heats up at a much faster pace
  2. Once the laminator is set and ready to use, that is, once it shows the green light, you can then move to step two which is to to cut your object or document to fit into the laminating pouch. You can use any type of pouch but in this section, I’ll advise you to go with the Amazon basics thermal laminator pouches. They are the perfect fit for the laminators as they are not just the same brand but they are made for each other. Once your documents are properly fit, you put your documents inside the Amazon basics thermal laminator pouches or sheets. Make sure the pouches cover every part of your documents as this is very important if you want your laminator to do a good job. The pouches also come in different sizes and thickness for your object ranging from 3mil to 5mil. That’s the standard thickness for Amazon basics thermal laminators.  It is also important for you to flip both sizes over to ensure there are no bubbles or objects in the pouch. This is to ensure that the object gets properly laminated when it is run through the machine
  3. Once you have made sure there are no bubbles or objects inside the pouch, you can then insert your pouch inside your laminator using the back, the close or the sealed part first. The laminator would then take in everything and bring it out from the other end fully laminated or sealed. Make sure the green light on your laminator is on while you run it through your laminator. If the light isn’t on, then your laminator isn’t ready to laminate any documents and I’ll advise you to wait till the light comes on. If it doesn’t, you might have to send your Amazon basics thermal laminator for a repair. If the light is green however, that means your laminator is good to go and you can run the pouch through. You can run the pouch one more time for some documents.  That is, you can run it twice in your laminator. This can help give you a much stronger seal.
  4. After you have run it through the laminator, you can then move to the last step which is cutting the edges off. The edges here refer to the pouch beyond your documents. After doing this, you can proceed to switch off your Amazon basics laminator as you have already achieved a good and perfect laminate.

The procedures listed above are ways by which you can use your Amazon basics thermal laminator to laminate an object or document.

Seems pretty easy and straightforward, right ? That’s because it is. There are no complicated steps needed when you use your Amazon basics laminator and that’s one of the things that makes it so unique.

People tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to laminators. Below are some frequently asked questions you might have

Frequently asked questions

Can you use a normal laminator for foiling

The answer is pretty much simple. You can use a normal laminator for foiling as long as the normal laminator uses heat when it is doing a laminate. Pouch laminators with adjustable speed and heat are usually the best for foiling

Is it possible to laminate foil with an amazon laminator

This is also another popular question most people have in relation to Amazon basics thermal laminator.  You can use your Amazon basics thermal laminator to foil. Your Amazon basics laminator uses heat. The heat and pressure is what your foil needs when doing a laminate. It is very possible for you to use your Amazon basics thermal laminator to foil documents.

The Amazon basics thermal laminator is one of the best brands of thermal laminator you can use. It is very portable and handy, heats up at a much faster time than other laminators, is much cheaper than most laminators and it’s perfect for home, school or office use. If you’re hesitant about purchasing one, purchase one today and be marveled at how beautiful it works.

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