How Much Does a Laminator Machine Cost?

Have you tried to purchase a Laminator? If yes, you might have some idea about how much it costs. However, so many people need laminators but have no idea how much should be put aside for such a project. In this article, I will show you how much a laminator machine costs and things you should consider before getting one for yourself.

Firstly, if you have anything to do with paper in your home or work, you should have a laminator machine. By laminating paper, you will help lengthen its lifespan by preventing it from damage. Most times, laminators are not needed for domestic uses; there are other ways in which you can go about laminating without making use of a machine.

There are options in which you could use laminator pouches with pressing iron; this is the most common home procedure for laminating. The norm is to place the document in the laminator pouch and seal it with a pressing iron.

Usually, another cloth or cardboard is placed on the laminator pouch before placing the iron on it. Placing the iron directly on the pouch will melt it and eventually damage the paper. I believe the reason you are exploring laminating options is to see that your documents last longer.

Also, you could laminate documents using Self-Laminating sheets. This is actually a cheaper and faster option compared to laminator machines and laminator pouches. The only problem you might face is that the laminate might not come out as professional as it will when you use a laminating machine.

There are so many other options that you can use in place of laminating machines. However, no alternative beats the use of a laminating machine itself. Using a laminating machine will ensure your laminate comes out at its finest. It is also an easier method that requires minimal effort from the operator.

When making use of laminating machine, all you have to do is to slot your paper in the feed and press a few buttons to get it running. However, a significant number of people run from laminators due to their rumored high prices.

Truth be told, Laminators do not cost as much as people make them look. For a machine of its type, with the kind of operations it can carry, it is definitely worth the price tag placed on it. Let’s get to know how much you can buy a laminator today and get rid of unnecessary assumptions.

Before we get to see how much you can buy a laminator machine today, it is crucial to know the things you should look out for before purchasing one; This will help influence your decision positively to know which option is best for you.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Laminator?


This is the first thing you should look out for before buying a laminator. There are brands dominating the laminating space mainly because they produce the best laminators for the public. You can ask friends and partners if you don’t know the best brand to buy.

However, the best and most prominent brand in the Laminating Space today is Scotch. For a very long time, Scotch has been manufacturing the best laminators. This does not mean you should only purchase Scotch laminators; you can also keep an eye on others. Reviews don’t lie; Get as many as you want.

Input Size

When you are sure of the brand you want to go for, then it is time to get a little bit specific with things. Laminators come in different categories depending on their input sizes. The input size is a measure of the paper size that can go through these laminators.

Most laminators come with A4 input sizes because it is the most demanded. The A4-sized laminators can laminate items with A4 size and lower. You can laminate A4, A5, A6, etc., in such laminators. You might decide to spice things up a little bit with A3-sized laminators.

The A3 laminators are usually bigger but have broader potential. You can use such laminators for A3-sized items and lower. When it’s time to laminate giant banners and the likes, there is no need to outsource if you have an A3 laminator.

Laminating Speed

Laminators are generally slow; however, they can be faster depending on the product you are using. Most laminators run at 12 inches per minute, which might delay you, especially when you have a bulk of items to laminate. It could be frustrating and annoying.

Some laminators can run as fast as 15 inches per minute. Such laminators are usually scarce, but you can find most of them sold on Amazon. With these laminators, you no longer have to spend so much time operating the machine.

Also, you should consider the warm-up and preheat speed. Whenever laminators are turned on, you will need to wait some time to ensure the whole machine is warmed up and ready to operate. This period is called the warm-up and preheat time.

Usually, laminating machines take an average of 5-20 minutes to complete the warm-up and preheat process. However, some machines can do this within a minute. How quick does that sound? You should, however, not prioritize this factor as laminators that warm-up slower tend to do better than those that warm up quicker.

Weight And Mobility

Of course, if your laminator will stay in one position throughout its lifetime, this might not be an issue to worry about. However, if you will be carrying your machine from one place to another, then you must consider its weight before buying.

Also, check if the laminator has handles to aid carrying. Laminators without handles can be very difficult to lift, especially when you are moving them within far distances. The presence of handles will so much make your work easier.


Yes! Price is paramount. I placed this last so you can also find out how much you can get one for yourself or your business. It would help if you put the price of a laminator into consideration before buying, and I believe that it is exactly what brings you here.

In the following subheading, I will reveal the average amount you can purchase a standard laminating machine today to have a target to work towards.

How Much Can I get A Laminating Machine?

It all falls back to the size and the brand of the machine. You could get a Scotch Thermal Laminator with an A4-sized feed for as low as $30. Some brands even cost less. If you are buying an A3-sized machine, the price could be up to $50.

If you need the exact price of the laminator you want to buy, you have to visit an accredited seller. Most people buy theirs on Amazon; it’s cheaper there. For industrial laminators, you could spend as high as $80 to get a great one for your business.

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