Do Laminated QR Codes Work?

QR Codes are not a new technology, but they became so prevalent around 2020/2021. You could literally scan a QR code to eat. The trends of using QR codes were common amongst restaurants, eliminating the need for paper menus. All you had to do was to scan the QR code and view the restaurant’s menu.

Short for Quick Response Codes, QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that anyone can scan with a phone camera to obtain more information about a subject in view. In fact, it has a wide variety of applications.

Aside from using it at restaurants, QR codes can also be used to make payments. Copying account numbers and filling in other details can be really stressful when you can just scan the QR codes and make your payment instantly.

Sometimes, QR codes are also used to verify or check the authenticity of products. Most products, when purchased new, come with QR codes on their packs, and you check if the product is original by simply scanning the bar codes. This is widely common among drugs and food products.

Some QR codes can also be used as a tracker or locator to know where a subject is, share information between mobile devices, connect to a wireless network, and many more applications. I can boldly say there are no limits to what you can do with QR codes.

QR codes are also printed on paper or documents for many other reasons. For some, it could be to verify a document or the holder of a record. You could also use QR codes printed on paper to make payments and do all other things. I could go on and on, but I’ll put a pause there.

Due to the importance of these QR codes, it is only ideal for protecting whatever they are printed on. Most times, QR codes are printed on paper, and since they will be used frequently, it is necessary to protect the paper.

A single scratch on a QR code could distort the information you’ll get about the subject. In some instances, the scanning will bring no results. Therefore, it is essential that you protect these objects so the QR codes are not tampered with.

There are so many ways to protect these items, the most common being laminating. The question now will be, “If after laminating, will the QR codes still work?” This is an important question that everyone should get answers to before laminating any document that has a QR code on it.

If you laminate such an item without proper orientation and something goes wrong, it could be a total waste of time if the QR codes can not be scanned. You will have to dispose of such an item as it will be rendered useless, especially when you laminate it with pouches.

Knowing if a QR code will work after being laminated will depend on a lot of factors.¬†However, before I answer this question, let’s see the widespread applications of QR codes, so you can know if you need one or not.

Applications of QR Codes

Not everyone has the luxury of time to read multiple lines on a paper when they can simply scan a QR code and see all the critical information needed. This makes QR codes great for print businesses. Below are some popular applications of QR codes;

1. Business Cards

Business cards are a thing associated with many businesses, for potential customers to see details like name, phone number, email, etc. However, they can be a burden to carry about and read. With a QR code, people can automatically visit your website to read your bio and other information they need to know about your business.

2. Restaurants Menu

I would say for sure that restaurants are the significant establishments that make use of QR codes. During the Covid-19 global pandemic that took over the world in 2020, fewer people visited restaurants.

Therefore, they had to turn to QR codes, so customers could quickly scan the codes to view the menu and also make online orders instead of wasting time reading s paper menu. The online menus were also easier to update.

3. Resumes

You might be wondering why you need to add a QR code to your resume. Well, the reason is not far-fetched. Adding a QR code to your resume would do just great to share your online portfolio with your potential employers. You could also use the QR code to direct them to your LinkedIn profile.

4. Direct Mail

Direct Mail is also a great application of QR codes. It is pretty popular amongst businesses. You don’t need to drop addresses for your customers to send mails to; by simply scanning your QR code, they would be sending whatever mail to you. It is also an excellent opportunity to build your database.

5. Flyers/Brochures

When creating flyers or brochures for your business, you should include QR codes on them. This saves space and time of having information that your potential customers can scan to see. You can either pass these flyers out or hang them in high-traffic areas. A QR code will give your consumers more information than what is on the flyer and can also let you track your ROI.

Will QR Codes work When Laminated?

Now that you are aware of the significant applications of QR codes, it is vital that you know if these codes will work when you laminate them. As I mentioned earlier, a QR code working after laminating will depend on so many factors. I will go into detail in the next paragraph.

First of all, you have to consider the material as this is the most crucial factor. QR codes will only be scanned when there is no reflection or transparency on the material. So, whenever you want to laminate a QR code, ensure you only go for simple lamination and stay away from gloss lamination.

Also, it would help to be careful when laminating small QR codes. QR codes are a lot more challenging to scan when they are printed in small dimensions. Laminating such sizes will make the bar codes more challenging to scan.


QR codes, in general, could be complicated if you don’t know the Dos and Don’t. Before you laminate any document containing a QR code, I will advise that you confirm if the code meets the basic standards. You should also scan it to see if it is genuine.

Also, after laminating, bring out your phone and scan the codes again. If it becomes difficult to scan after laminating, then the code might be useless already. It is better to go over it again.

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