List of Best Wide Format Laminator

Wide Format Laminator is commonly used in various industries and applications. Whether you are looking to enhance your business signage, protect important documents, or increase the visibility of your marketing materials, a wide format laminator is a perfect tool to help you get the job done.

With so many different options and features available, choosing the right wide format laminator can seem daunting.  Today we will be taking a look at some of the Best Wide Format Laminators on the market, including options from well-known brands like GBC, Vevor, and GFP. These high-quality machines will help you achieve professional results with ease and efficiency. Let’s dive in!

VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine

These VEVOR 51-inch cold wide format laminators are ideal for laminating all sorts of printing and mixed media because they require no power. The handwheel gives you full control, but you’ll need to be a quick turner if you want to laminate a lot of prints at once.

To set up and configure, the wide-format rolls are quite easy. Depending on the print project, you can alter the core diameter. It has a maximum cutting width of 3″ and can be used for small books or foam boards.

Lightweight folding tables make this product easy to store and move around. In addition, these wide-format laminators have rubber foot platforms that provide stability and allow for easy repair access if necessary.

These are tabletop laminators that allow for greater mobility in terms of where they can be used. The adhesive film can either be attached to a mandrel before the lamination process can begin or applied directly to the print media before the lamination process begins for a smooth, bubble-free finish.

In the past, customers have utilized this to apply vehicle graphics and other materials. In addition, laminated prints can be fed through a roll laminator after the laminate has been applied.

What we like

  • There is no need to worry about color shifting because it is a manually controlled wide format laminator that is ideal for mixed media
  • Portable and includes a folding table
  • Convenient to use

What we didn’t like

  • Unsuitable for high-volume production tasks
  • If not utilized carefully, it can result in bubbles

GBC Thermal Roll Laminator, Ultima 65, 27 inches Maximum Width

Regardless of whether you want to use this device for handouts, bus tags, or instructional aids, you’ll receive clear results every time. For schools with high lamination demands, a laminating width of 27 inches is ideal. 

In less than ten minutes, the laminator is ready to use and boasts an AutoSpeed option. Using AutoSpeed, you can rest assured that your documents will be laminated at the right speed every time. 

EZload Gray Cap NAP I Film and normal NAP I film up to 3 mils are compatible. In addition, end caps with EZload color-coding show you how to load film correctly, saving you money on service calls. 

Make loading films a breeze. AutoGrip shafts and a pivoting table make it easier than ever to remove and add standard film.

It cuts down on film waste. With the help of the front and backstop buttons, you can simply pause lamination while loading or cutting film, and a footage counter shows how much film is left for your use. 

Alignment instructions are included to make sure papers are neat and level. Finished papers can be swiftly trimmed using the integrated trimmer, and jams can be removed using the slow forward and reverse functions. 

Between courses, you may leave the machine running thanks to a protective cover and an automatic shutoff. After two hours of inactivity, the machine goes into standby mode and shuts itself off.

What we like

  • Great performance
  • The result is wonderful

What we didn’t like

  • The film is too thin

GFP 355TH 55″ Top Heat Wide Format Roll Laminator

This variant has a heated top mandrel for greater overall lamination than the GFP model, which uses just pressure to adhere to a cold overlay. 

Laminating banners, signs, and other business projects can be done quickly with this 20ft-per-minute wide-format laminator, making it ideal for speedy print finishing jobs.

The huge foldable table guarantees that banners, documents, or a flat print during the process are kept in place by the table. In addition, adhesives can be applied to media more easily thanks to its automated rear-rewind and pressure-sensitive rolls.

Using an adjustable clutch, the trash rewind takes up the release liner on many pressure-sensitive films. To reduce the number of times you have to change the substrate, the thicker roll diameter of 6″ has been designed. During operation, the rolls have additional support to prevent them from collapsing.

The core diameter can be varied, making this a cost-effective option for vehicle graphics and vinyl. In order to ensure the safety and protection of your print, there is a photoelectric eye. If you’re under a lot of time constraints, this will come in handy.

What we like

  • Roll loading is a cinch
  • High-speed laminating Provides a huge time saver

What we didn’t like

  • Weighty at 436lb
  • Costlier to operate

EXP Plus 62” Roll Laminator / Mounter / Encapsulator

Your documents will be laminated perfectly with the EXP Plus 62″ Thermal Wide-Frame Laminator. It has a pressure-sensitive application for mounting, enclosing, and laminating your prints.

Wipe boards, book covers, and thicker prints can all benefit from the 3″ core diameter. In addition, using this thermal mandrel is a breeze thanks to the light features that remind you when to wait and when it’s ready.

You don’t want a color shift to ruin your print because it’s tough to tell without. In a busy shop, it’s a good idea to have it handy (less work with one less thing to monitor). The rolls include separate heaters for the upper and lower sections, allowing you to manage the temperature of your materials without worrying about color shifting.

This, however, necessitates a 30-minute heat-up period. Loading is a breeze because of the auto-grip shafts and the ability to handle substrates up to 8 inches thick.

That’s how fast this model moves. A slitter that cuts prints during lamination saves time and money in high-volume manufacturing environments.

What we like

  • Increased print sheeting speeds can be attributed to a faster laminating time
  • The hottest temperature was 300 degrees Fahrenheit

What we didn’t like

  • A 30-minute heat-up time
  • Without a safety net

Daige Solo 65″ Wide Format Cold Laminator

With over half a century of experience in the printing industry, this company provides low-cost wide-format laminators. This electric model’s pressure is automatically controlled thanks to a powerful motor (a lever that controls the roll’s height and pressure).

When it comes to changing the film, the non-stick silicone top and bottom nip rollers will make your life a lot easier. In addition, an optional footswitch on these laminators allows you to assist in guiding the print or document to its final destination without having to use your hands.

An automated roll machine can laminate at 7.5 feet per minute, which is significantly faster than a manually operated one. However, these machines are cumbersome and difficult to move around.

To avoid color fading, this laminator is ideal for wide-format prints and signage as well as pictures. If you’re a print firm that prints and laminates a wide variety of materials and print mediums, this cold laminator is a great option.

A large print table ensures that your longer document will remain level during the lamination process, even if printed on larger paper size. It’s built to last thanks to its steel and aluminum housing!

What we like

  • More affordable than a large number of competing models
  • There are four distinct sizes to choose from, between 25 and 65 inches

What we didn’t like

  • Quite heavy
  • A core diameter of half an inch thick (fairly small)

Phoenix 4400-DHP 44″ Wide Format Hot and Cold Laminator

A thermal and cold print laminating machine, the Phoenix 4400 – DHP, is available for use. The thermal rolls may be used for everyday media, print, and posters, which is a terrific advantage.

The cold adhesive allows you more options and a reduced color shift margin on the print when it comes to finishing. 

Additionally, the company says that its cooling fans can be used for independent heat management during thermal printing applications. Finally, an automatic pressure-sensitive mandrel can be used to laminate a wide range of thicknesses of print media.

After three hours of inactivity, the device enters a partial sleep mode before shutting down fully after four hours. On top of that, the variable speed allows you to experiment with different print materials and laminates while still delivering an impressive 8 feet per minute output.

What we like

  • Thermal and cold laminate printing will benefit from the added value
  • Allows for laminated products up to 3″ in diameter

What we didn’t like

  • In terms of width, this model can only laminate up to 44″



•VEVOR 51 Inch Cold Laminator Machine: This laminator is good for mixed media and does not require power. It is also portable and includes a folding table.

• GBC Thermal Roll Laminator, Ultima 65, 27 inches Maximum Width: With the AutoSpeed option, this laminator is great for schools with high demands. It also has an EZ load Gray Cap NAP I Film and normal NAP I film up to 3 mils compatibility.

• GFP 355TH 55″ Top Heat Wide Format Roll Laminator: This variant has a heated top mandrel for greater overall lamination than the GFP model, which uses just pressure to adhere to a cold overlay.

• EXP Plus 62” Roll Laminator / Mounter / Encapsulator: Your documents will be laminated perfectly with the EXP Plus 62″ Thermal Wide-Frame Lamin

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