8 Best Portable Laminator and Buying Guide 2022

Best Portable Laminator

Are you overwhelmed by the number of portable laminators on Amazon? No doubt, there are a lot of them on sites like eBay, AlieExpress and so on.

But which, if any, is best?

To answer this question, we’ve read through a series of pages on Amazon to know what buyers think of purchased portable lamination machines. And in addition, we make use of factors like ease of use, cost, film thickness and the number of sheets that can be run at a time to come up with the ones that are worthy of your attention.

List of Best Portable Laminator & Buying Guide

Below are small-sized laminators you can trust with your money irrespective of your preference when it comes to features, quality, ease of use and then specifications.

1. Fellowes Laminator Venus 2 125

To meet your laminating needs, you should consider the Jupiter 2 125 Laminator. It’s simple to use and saves you time.

This printer has an auto-sensing mechanism that automatically adjusts to the thickness of your paper. With this machine, you’ll be able to consistently produce high-quality output.

The Laminator just takes 60 seconds to warm up. Then, using InstaHeat technology, you can laminate in a matter of seconds.

Professionals will appreciate the Jupiter 2 125’s top speed of 47 inches per minute. In addition, this machine is equipped with an innovative pouch tracking system that instantly reverses any misfeeds (saving you time).

Using a six-roller mechanism, the machine can produce the best laminate. It can laminate pouches up to 10 mils thick, both hot and cold.

What We Like:

  • Auto-detecting thickness system.
  • A rapid warmup period of 60 seconds.
  • Laminating is fast.
  • Detect pouch thickness automatically.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive.

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2. GBC Thermal Roll Laminator

The lamination of handouts, bus tags, and educational materials are among the many projects that the GBC Ultima 65 Roll Laminator can handle. A 27-inch laminating width is perfect for institutions that laminate frequently.

Quickly gets up and running and has an Autospeed function for excellent quality. The rollers can be accessed using a pivoting table, and the normal film can be replaced with AutoGrip shafts.

The Laminator comes with front and backstop buttons, a footage meter to keep track of how many films you’ve used, and alignment instructions to keep your pages straight. Finished papers are quickly trimmed using an integrated trimmer, and jam removal is made easier with a slow forward and reverses option.

The Laminator comes with a safety barrier. 3 hours after inactivity, the system shuts down and goes into standby mode. It has a diameter of 1 inch.

What We Like:

  • Came with simple installation instructions and laminates well.
  • Great machine.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The film was too thin to adequately protect a paper.

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3. ABOX Laminator Machine

To ensure wrinkle-free results, the ABOX thermal laminator employs a bubble heating technology and thermal conductivity. For the most common sizes of paper, the 13-inch wide hole is ideal. However, cutting through paper up to 50 mm in thickness is a noteworthy feature, which is higher even by the norm of $10 cutters.

It’s also dangerously sharp, so we have to be extra careful around children. Even though it has a lock, you can never be too careful. Although the dual-roller design is adequate for distributing heat and pressure uniformly.

ABOX has a thermal conductivity pipe and bubble-heating system that can be used for laminating. In addition, the machine’s lifespan is extended by the use of aluminium parts.

What We Like:

  • It has a paper cutter and corner rounder.
  • 240 mm/min high-speed operation.
  • The cutter is possible of cutting through 50 mm.
  • It has a safety lock.
  • Includes 16 complimentary lamination pouches.
  • Heats up in less than 5 minutes.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There are only two rollers.
  • Average cold press action.

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4. Crenova A4 Laminator

Crenova A4 Laminator is a cheap and simple-to-use device that offers only the bare essentials, making it ideal for home and light-duty business use.

This Laminator requires only three to five minutes to warm up and has a quick laminating speed of 250mm/min, allowing it to handle up to 50 sheets per hour. Additionally, this device features paper cutting and corner rounding capabilities. It is compatible with a variety of paper sizes up to A4 in format.

The Crenova A4 Laminator is a 265W device with a two-roller heating mechanism; it is lightweight and compact and offers excellent value for money.

Crenova A4 Laminator is a wonderful option if you are looking for a laminator for home use and small offices.

What We Like:

  • Compact design.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Quick warmup time.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Relatively simple functionalities.

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5. Swingline Laminator 1701857ECR

It’s difficult to find a laminator that both looks good and performs well. However, the arrival of the Swingline Laminator 1701857ECR has made this possible.

With a four-minute warmup time and outstanding wrinkle-free performance, even the most demanding users will be satisfied with this Laminator for creative lamination.

You’ll receive a sleek and tiny design with a dash of sexiness thanks to this gadget. There are two colour options for the Swingline Laminator 1701857ECR: grey and pink! It can handle 229 mm-wide objects and use both three- and five-millimetre pouches.

Additionally, this device has a jam release lever, and it provides everything you may require. Therefore, the Swingline Laminator 1701857ECR is the perfect Laminator for teachers and schools and any other creative purpose.

What We Like:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Portable.
  • Cold lamination.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Short warranty day.

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6. Merece Laminator

The Merece Laminator is an economical yet effective laminator that offers excellent adaptability and functionality and presents one of the best thermal laminators available on the market today.

This dependable machine with a fast laminating speed of 280mm/min and a quick warmup time of 90 seconds, making it the best in its class. Also included are a corner rounder, a paper trimmer, and an ABS anti-jam button that will make your life a lot easier.

In addition, this Laminator supports both thermal and cold laminating modes and works with pouches ranging from 150mic to 250mic and several formats and products like images, letters, artworks, and business cards.

As a result of its two-roller lamination system and compact size, this machine is ideal for use in any office or work area.

To summarize, Merece Laminator is an excellent laminator that is both inexpensive and efficient.

What We Like:

  • Excellent performance.
  • Great adaptability.
  • It features an ABS anti-jam button.

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7. Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 125

You can use the Fellowes Saturn 3i laminator for both business and home purposes. Using this machine, you won’t have to worry about any bubbles forming while you laminate. Laminating office documents, presentations, diplomas, and projects is a cinch with this machine.

Documents up to a thickness of 5 mil thermal pouches can be laminated with this Laminator. Your documents will have a more polished and long-lasting look if you follow these tips.

With a 12.5-inch opening, it can handle a variety of document sizes. As a result, you’re not restricted to using this lamination machine on only certain types of documents that are a specific width.

The Laminator warms up rapidly thanks to InstaHeat technology. Then, just 60 seconds later, it’s ready to be laminated. The Laminator’s auto shut-off feature switches it off when it’s not in use, saving you money and helping to keep it safe from overheating.

An audible beep and a green light indicate when the Laminator is ready for use. Using a single button, it can handle either thermal laminating or self-adhesive pouches. With the Saturn 3i 125 laminator, you may cold set the machine to use self-adhesive laminating pouches.

What We Like:

  • Fast warmup with sophisticated InstaHeat Technology
  • It is equipped with Auto shut off to save energy and prevent overheating
  • Simple to use with release lever for re-centering or removing pouch
  • 12.5-inch variable entry width accommodates a variety of papers
  • It comes with 10 sample pouches so you can get started right away
  • It beeps when it’s ready to use so you can be confident you’re getting the best results.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Requires front and rear guides.

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8. JIEZE Thermal Laminator Machine for A3

This is one of the most effective laminators available. It has a high power output, is quiet, and includes 15 laminating pouches.

This Laminator is simple to operate and automatically laminates without bubbles or fogging. In addition, it is reasonably priced and capable of meeting all of your project requirements.

What We Like:

  • Hot and cold laminating are supported by a two-roller system that warms up in 3-5 minutes
  • The maximum width is 13 inches.
  • The machine features a Jam Release button to prevent paper jams

What We Don’t Like:

  • It lacks cord storage and a carry handle.

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We’ve provided you with a list of small-sized laminators that can meet up different printing needs. However, you need to consider what you really need a laminator for before you order one.

JIEZE thermal laminator machine supports Hot and cold laminating and switching between the two modes is seamless.

While Merece Laminator is a great one for its versatility as it comes with a corner rounder, a paper trimmer, and an ABS anti-jam button that will make your life a lot easier.